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"100% pure genius!"-Sam Nicole

Learn the mind-blowing secrets to Jay's ground-breaking approach to the classic 'torn and restored cards!'

'Cardboard Contortionists' has received rave reviews from magicians all over the world because:

*It's completely impromptu
*You can perform it with ANY two cards
*Both cards are signed by spectators
*There's no palming or switches
*And you can give away both cards as souvenirs!

On the in-depth 20-minute download - Jay reveals the amazing technique in greater detail than ever before.

To learn the astounding secrets - click 'Add To Cart' NOW! 

"All the hype around this trick is 100% deserved. It's a legendary handling."-Mike Harrods

"The tutorial is so detailed, it was a lot easier to learn than I expected."
-Cristo Wells

"Cardboard Conrtionists is one of Jay's very best tricks. Every movement is so well thought-out."
-Daniel Islington

"It's the ultimate sleight-of-hand ballet."
-Oscar Chavez

"I love this trick because I'm so far ahead of the audience every step of the way."
-Marty McDonald

"Jay has taken the entire torn and restored plot to the absolutely NEXT LEVEL."
-Kyle Fuentes

"Nobody can doubt that Cardboard Contortionists is the world's #1 most practical torn and restored method. It's that good."
-Donnie Benton

"I can't believe how practical and deceptive this truly is."-Chris Yann

"One of Sankey's greatest creations."-Markus Berger

"Unlike any other torn and restored effect in all of magic."-Jonathan Tulles

"Jay fooled us all! The method will make you gasp!"-Otto Van Durling

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