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"They handle so smoothly and with just the right amount of snap to them."-Chris Rogers

"The gimmicks are excellent and some of the tricks are totally 'next level.'"-Ted Barstow

The pack is a jaw-dropping combination of custom-designed gimmicks, brand NEW effects and an incredibly EASY to 'read' marking system!

"The tutorial is crammed full of great ideas, and I gotta admit I had no clue Jay's 'Illogical Cut' inspired the Sybil flourish!"-Michael Proust 

"Jay's hand-drawn elements bring a very creative vibe to the entire pack."-Mark Westerly  

"The Spectacle pack is my new everyday deck."-Simon King


The 'Spectacle Deck' is the ULTIMATE pack of cards for all of Jay's die-hard fans!

Created by Kier Gomes and Nick Nisco the deck features an original collection of images - all hand-drawn by Jay!

This wonderfully original NEW deck is printed by the United States Playing Card Company and includes:

*An ingenious marking system hidden in the design on the back of every single card (you'll love how EASY it is to 'read!')

*Custom-designed card magic gimmicks

*An exciting collection of NEW tricks

*PLUS the nitty-gritty handling secrets to 5 of Jay's all-time favorite cardistry flourishes!

On the exclusive 60-minute tutorial you'll learn:

*The amazing secrets to 'easy read' marking system!

*Jay's TWO most performed effects with marked cards

*The 'LENSES' REVEAL. The name of the selected card mysteriously appears in the DRAWN lenses on the back of a card! Plus a second mind-blowing transposition effect with the same gimmick!

*The FIGUR8 GIMMICK. The entire pattern on the back of a card visually re-arranges to reveal a selection.

Plus the secrets and all-important practice details of FIVE of Jay's all-time favorite cardistry flourishes including:

*Paul Le Paul's 'Hop Spread'
*Paul Harris' 'Curly Q Fan'
*Michael Skinner's 'Butterfly Cut'
*Daryl's 'Hotshot Cut'
*And Jay's original addition to Gianni Mattiolo's seminal 'Logical Cut' (which inspired Chris Kenner's legendary 'Sybil Cut!')

And thanks to the awesome detail of Jay's acclaimed teaching style you'll learn these dazzling flourishes better - and FASTER!

"I've been showing everybody 'Figur8.' Huge reactions every time."-Rob Levine

"From the moment I took them out of the case I could feel the quality."-Victor Shaw


"I love that some of Jay's own drawings are incorporated into the card designs. It makes this cool pack 100% unique."-Stan Fleming

"Thanks for finally releasing an official deck of cards for all of us die-hard Sankey fans."-Dave McCarthy

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