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"An amazing variety of killer effects."-Roger Hullus

On the 2.5-hour '22 BLOWS TO THE HEAD' project you'll learn...

The amazing secrets to 22 original psychic tricks with coins, spoons, business cards, handkerchiefs, hole punches, newspaper, match books, pay envelopes, dollar bills and playing cards!

Jay created each effect to convince your audience that you do indeed possess "psychic powers," and many of the handlings are INGENIOUSLY SIMPLE.

Here are just a few of the exceptional tricks...

HOMICIDE: Play Russian roulette with a hole punch, a few envelopes (and several 'nervous' stick men drawings.)

LAYING ON OF HANDS: Prove you possess 'the psychic touch,' first with some playing cards, and then with someone's MIND. This kick-ass three phase demonstration is a real mentalism monster!

SIMPLY DIVINE: Jay performs this 100% impromptu routine all the time. The spectator trusts her own instincts, and finds the very card she has in mind.

FORMAL AFFAIR: An awesome combination of magic AND mentalism. First you cause the drawing of a straight spoon to mysteriously bend. And then you cause a REAL SPOON to bend - and it happens when you aren't even touching it!

SYMBOLIC: Using just a few borrowed coins, you reveal your ability to predict the future, despite a series of 100% random events. And most of it happens in the spectator's own hands!

CONFESSION: Jay's twist on Paul Curry's classic 'Out of this World' routine.

REENACTMENT: An extremely direct mind-reading trick with a pack of cards shuffled by the spectator. (Plus a crash-course in how to use clever scripting, in order to 'frame' a trick and powerfully build the impossibility.)

SERIAL KILLER: Learn the amazing secrets to being able to 'divine' the serial number of a borrowed bill just by holding it in your hand. (This is so sneaky, you'll smile to yourself every time you perform it!)

"Blunt. in Your Face. Wham bam mentalism. Highest recommendation."-Shaun Mertz

"I've amazed my friends at work with almost every trick Jay teaches. Amazing value."- Piet Reins

"Serial Killer is without a doubt the strongest trick I perform."-Toni Frost

"I've used the 'Divided Attention' force with at least 5 different tricks."-Cal Darrington

"Wow. This is fantastic. Worth every penny."-Murray Kelso

"I know a bunch of spoon bend routines, but 'Formal Affair' is the very best (especially because it combines TWO awesome tricks in one!)"-Mike Sauren

"I feel like I finally understand what mentalism is all about."-Eli Walters

"So many practical methods!"-Martin Pinster

"An amazing variety of killer effects."-Roger Hullus

"My all-time favorite Sankey project."-Steve Browne


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