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Now you can add Jay's NEW and IMPROVED version of his classic 'Astral Projection' trick to your own repertoire! 

Jay's new version is...

*a lot more VISUAL
*features more audience interaction
*can be performed in close-up AND stand-up shows
*and it's WAY more entertaining!

The ingenious new handling involves 3 selections, a BALLOON and the question, "Can we believe in things we can't see?"


With 'Astral Projection' a card someone is JUST THINKING OF vanishes and reappears in their own hands!

The 'mental magic' happens under impossible 'test conditions.'

And the trick is virtually self-working - NO SLEIGHT OF HAND REQUIRED.

Half the pack is given to the spectator to hold. The spectator is then invited to MERELY THINK of any card she sees in the other half of the pack.

The spectator never names the card and yet, without any fishing or questions, the card vanishes and reappears among the cards she held in her own hands from the very beginning! 

Jay even reveals the secrets to performing the same shocking trick with a SIGNED CARD!

The special gimmicks are even designed to work with MOST BRANDS of poker-sized playing cards.


"Noooo! It can't be! Jay's new version is even better than the original! How the hell does he keeping doing it!"-Lloyd Dunlop

"I performed this killer trick 5 minutes after I opened the package. Pure genius."-Alex Chan 

"When I saw David Blaine perform it on television it completely blew my mind."-Dean Jollinger

"The balloon changes everything. Now I can perform this fabulous trick on-stage. Can't thank you enough."-Alex Vanderberg

"Crazy reactions. People look like they were hit by a truck."-Mark Lossage

"It arrived in the mail yesterday and I still can't believe it requires absolutely NO sleight-of-hand. Sooo freakin' sneaky!"-Russ Laughton

"I knew it would be strong. But it's MUCH stronger than I imagined."-Toby Lewis

"I just assumed Blaine used stooges. It's just so clean and impossible."-Clark O'Obrien

"Please stop selling Astral Projection! I don't want any more magicians performing it!"-Martin DeGranger


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