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On the 'MIND-BENDING' project you'll learn the secrets to startling mentalism effects with playing cards, notepads, wristwatches, newspapers, paper bags and more.

Here just a few of the 20 incredible mentalism tricks features on this 2-hour project...

PAIN KILLER: A super theatrical prediction effect with a shattered watch and a paper clock face.

A VERY GOOD YEAR: A devious effect involving the date on a 100% freely borrowed coin.

WHAT IF: Jay's been freaking people out with this 2-phase notepad routine for over 20 years.

SIMULTANEOUS: This version of the classic 'Do as I Do' trick has even fooled expert magicians.

TRINITY: Very commercial psychic '3 card monte' trick with your name and the names of two spectators. Ideal for restaurant and bar work.

SIMPLY DIVINE: Impromptu card prediction effects don't get cleaner or more direct than this!

SOLITARY CONFINEMENT: One spectator correctly divines another spectator's 'thought of' card!

ON IMPULSE: This 4-card revelation makes for a killer closer to any mentalism show.

MIDNIGHT SPECIAL: Predict the hour someone was born! Super sneaky method!

SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION: Someone thinks of a card and it literally goes UP IN FLAMES!

HIDE, KEEP + GIVE AWAY: A wonderfully realized presentation 'meets' a truly practical handling!

 "The Mind-Bending project is incredible. So many legendary mentalism tricks!"-Brent Dean

"I showed some friends 'Shape of Things To Come' the other night. They have never and I mean NEVER reacted to any of my other tricks like that. It was over the top. They're still talking about it."-Jan De Voors 

"Jay's mentalism is so visual, theatrical and modern."-Shawn McDonald

"On Impulse' is my new #1 trick. People absolutely love it."-Miko Chin

"Hide, Keep and Give Away is Jay at his best. The psychology is just brilliant. Floors people every time I do it."-Terrance King 

"I've been getting crazy responses to Midnight Hour."-Ed Quills

"Trinity is the perfect ice breaker."-Ian Stauton

"Thanks for sharing the real work on mentalism with your Mind-Bending collection. All I can say is: Wow!'-Julius Granger 


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