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$24.95 USD
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During our incredible 'Save 24% for 24 Hours' event, we are including 'Bigger Finish' as an awesome FREE GIFT with every order for a physical product!

So if you only order downloads, we cannot ship 'Bigger Finish' to you.

But as long as your order includes at least ONE physical product - 'Bigger Finish' will be automatically included with your order FOR FREE!

Important Note: Do NOT add 'Bigger Finish' to your order or you will be charged the full price + shipping!

For all the fantastic details about our 'Save 24% for 24 Hours' event CLICK HERE!


'Bigger Finish' is one of Jay's most visual card tricks EVER!

It's also easy to do and you will love the 'bigger' reactions it inspires.

*The astonishing magic happens in the SPECTATOR'S hands!
*It's great for close-up, stand-up, even kid shows!
*It makes for a perfect 'closer.'

And the jumbo card can also be examined.

'Bigger Finish' includes TWO of the specially-printed + die-cut JUMBO Bicycle brand cards, plus a detailed instructional video.

Order yours TODAY!

"Bigger Finish is one of Jay's easiest and best tricks. Great for beginners."-Charles Opley

"Get this fantastic effect right now."-Walt Russun

"Bigger Finish is simply amazing. It can be worked perfectly into your routine and it astounds everybody. Love it!"-Gordon Little

"This is the kind of trick people never forget."-Wes Perlmann

"I expected great things from Bigger Finish, but the reactions have been incredible. Best trick I've ordered in a long, long time."-Burt Frost

"Bigger Finish packs a punch like no other card trick I do."-Brian Williams

"If there's a more ridiculously visual card trick than Bigger Finish please tell me what it is because I want to BUY IT."-Simon Guerra


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