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"Clearly Impossible is the last word in torn corner illusions."-Mike Frost

Clearly Impossible is going to become one of your MOST PERFORMED tricks because it's...

*EASY to perform

*The spectator can call 'stop' at ANY card in the pack

*EVERYTHING can be closely examined

*And there's NO switch of the card, coin holder or wallet!

PLUS - you can use the SAME coin holder for countless performances...

OR give it away with the torn corner inside as an incredible magic souvenir!

'Clearly Impossible' comes complete with the wallet, starter supply of coin holders, exciting 60-minute tutorial - AND the ground-breaking NEW gimmick!

The ingenious gimmick works also works with:

*ALL brands of playing cards
*dollar bills
*paper napkins
*book pages
*even coins and shirt buttons!

INSANE 'business card give away!' Imagine the impact of introducing your business card, tearing off a corner, making it vanish - and then the corner reappears inside the wallet BETWEEN THE SPECTATOR'S hands.

Then you give them your torn business card and the 'impossibly trapped' corner as a reputation-making souvenir!

ON THE OUTSTANDING 60-MINUTE TUTORIAL Jay reveals the secrets to 12 jaw-dropping tricks including:

STAMPEDE: The spectator chooses one of 6 postage stamps, and the stamp impossibly appears in the coin holder!

SKETCH ARTIST: Featuring a quick and comical 'sketch' of a spectator, this is an especially entertaining version!

UNFLAPPABLE: Offer to give the spectator a freshly torn corner from the flap of your card case as a 'precious souvenir' (LOL!) And then it appears between their own hands!

ANY PAGE: A lethal combination of a super fair choice of any page in an ordinary book, combined with a 'telepathic tear.' It's the PERFECT trick for your next virtual show!

Don't wait to add this killer NEW trick to your repertoire.

"I just watched the preview and all I can say is Holy Sh*t!"-Todd Williams

"I'm counting the hours until mine arrives in the mail."-Shiv Johnson

"Sankey has done it AGAIN!"-Karl Tyler

"I haven't been this excited about a new trick in long, long time."-Johnathan Brighton

"It's such an incredibly versatile gimmick!"-Marty Cameron

"When Jay said everything can be examined I instantly hit Add To Cart."-Kevin Bailey


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