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"The tricks are power and practical. But it's the advice on social dynamics that is absolutely priceless."-Cal Drummond

Learn the REAL SECRETS to meeting people in bars and clubs - with magic and mentalism! 

Determine real prospects, communicate your interest and availability, encourage flirting, fuel chemistry and (most importantly) GET THAT PHONE NUMBER!

PLUS Jay reveals the secrets to 17 powerful tricks including:

DESTINED: The spectator finds her own phone number from among many possibilities!

HOTLINK: Two hearts are drawn on a playing card and VISIBLY LINK to make an awesome magic souvenir!

EYE2EYE: Impossible mind-reading demonstration (and the perfect excuse to 'lock eyes' with an attractive stranger.)

WHISPER: A two card prediction trick, featuring the perfect opportunity to whisper ANYTHING YOU WANT into her ear!

UNDER THE TABLE: While you hold her hand under the table, the spectator
FEELS her card melt through the table and land in her own hand!

WHOLEHEARTED: You tear and restore a paper heart (with a presentation designed to 'tug at' her heart!)

$100 KISS: A guaranteed kiss EVERY time!

DOUBLE VISION: Hypnotize someone using only TWO playing cards!

ELECTRIC CURRENT: The energy between you and your 'prospect' is so
electric - you hold hands and BEND A COIN between your two palms!

THE SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS DO MOST OF THE WORK. You don't have to be cheesy or sleazy because the presentations are designed to 'set the mood,' involving themes like destiny, trust, soul mates, the power of touch, and psychic connection.

Jay also shares 24 POWERFUL PSYCHOLOGICAL TIPS including:

How To Boost Your Confidence
Determining 'Prospects'
The Art of Giving Compliments
Appealing to Her Every Sense
Making Her The Star
The Do's and Don'ts of Flirting
What To Say When You Call Her
What NOT to Do On Your First Date
The Power of Responsiveness
Plus many more!

"I've never been great with women but Jay's advice has made a HUGE difference."-Mark Steinman

"The killer tricks are definitely not limited to just getting dates. Very powerful stuff."-Grant Dorley

"Thanks to Firestarters, in the past month I've gone out on dates with 3 different women. That's real magic."-Shane Warton

"The clever presentations can be adapted to almost any style."-Michael Santos

"The tricks are power and practical. But it's the advice on social dynamics that is absolutely priceless."-Cal Drummond

"Jay's scripts are a perfect balance between tasteful and intimate, and you don't need to be 'smooth' or have a big personality to pull them off."-Richard Yost


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