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On the 2-HOUR 'FRONT ROW SANKEY' project you'll see Jay like you've NEVER seen him before!

Watch Jay perform a killer collection of 16 magic and tricks for honest-to-goodness laypeople - in a real-life setting!

Taped live at Toronto's Mister Greenjean's Restaurant and Bar, this is an extremely rare opportunity to watch Jay "hit the tables" with his unique, off-the-wall, improvisational style.

Witness breathtaking magic and mentalism with playing cards, coins, paper matches, autographs, geometric shapes, flash paper and rubber bands - and then LEARN as Jay teaches each of these closely-guarded "real world" pet routines.

FULL LOTUS: An inexplicable exchange of a folded joker and a signed card!

SHAKE & BAKE: The coin production that proves, "Hearing is believing!"

HYPNOTARIZED: Hypnotize a spectator with just a playing card.

SLOW MOTION COINS: A "coins across" effect as deliberate as it is deadly!

NOT THIS CARD: Jay's favorite handling of Frank Everhardt's "Chicago Opener!"

SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME: A heart-stopping, double-climax mentalist's dream!

REAL MAGIC: Freshly written words melt through a dollar bill!

OUT OF SIGHT: A deck production combined with a bizarre mental routine!

VITAL SIGNS: Paper matches travel in and out of the spectator's fist!

THE PHOENIX EFFECT: Fire + mentalism + a signed card = a reputation maker!

ONE OF ONE: A drawing and a playing card undergo a startling transformation!

CLOSE CONTACT: Two spectators, one card, and an astonishing occurrence!

DEVIANT BEHAVIOR: Four jokers escape from the pack in a most elegant fashion!

INSEPARABLE: At the end of this awesome linking rubber bands routine, the two bands are given away as souvenirs - STILL LINKED!

"By far and away Sankey's most inspiring project."-Stephen Travis

"With One of One, when the drawing changes people lose their minds every time!"-Sam Philips

"Inseparable is the absolute last word on the classic linking bands trick. Masterful!"-Walt Vars

"I perform many card tricks, but nothing quite like Jay's 'Phoenix Effect.' It's a very special magic trick."-Martin Henry

"Many of my most performed tricks I learned on Front Row Sankey."-Leo Klein   

"To see Jay rock REAL people and then have him reveal the methods is like a dream come true."-Kevin Michaels

"A very rare project. The live performances are priceless. And the tricks are top notch."-Matt Reece

"The tricks on Front Row Sankey are all lean, mean and amazing. Truly excellent stuff."-Roger Jackson

"Without a doubt my all-time favorite Jay Sankey projects. I learned more than I can even begin to express."-Gary Holden

"WOW. I just finished watching Jay's 'Front Row Sankey from start to finish, and between the truly awesome tricks and Jay's hilarious performances - all I can say is WOW."-Cal Denvers 

"Watching Jay 'work the tables' was entertaining, and supremely educational."-Peter Holt


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