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One of Jay's all-time, bestselling projects is finally BACK IN STOCK!

"A killer collection of 'high concept' effects, with typical real-work Sankey methods. Tremendous."-Gary Knox

'Hardcore' pack comes complete with:

*90-minute Download
*Companion DVD
*Plus an awesome collection of custom 'Hardcore' gimmicks!

Learn the secrets to a hard-hitting magic with soda cans, coins, playing cards, drinking straws, note pads, dollar bills, Tic Tac boxes, finger rings, plastic baggies, post cards, card cases, rubber bands - even golf balls!

CLOSE-UP & STAND-UP EFFECTS! Many of the routines involve shocking images with enough visual impact to rock audiences during both close-up and stand-up performances.

MULTIPLE HANDLINGS! No two magicians have the same style or skills, so Jay developed MULTIPLE handlings for many of the effects on this project. That way, you are guaranteed to learn magic that is right for YOU.

IMPROMPTU STUNNERS! Several of the amazing tricks are completely impromptu and involve ordinary, borrowed objects.


CLIMBER: After 'trapping' a few drops of soda in a drinking straw, you mysteriously cause the liquid to slowly RISE UP inside the straw! The straw can even be immediately examined (no switch required.)

BORDER CROSSING: With this STARTLING close-up production, the photo of a golf ball on a post card transforms into a REAL GOLF BALL! (Note: The ingenious post card gimmick is iincluded with this project - but you need to provide your own golf ball.)

WRAPTURE: A totally fresh approach to bending a borrowed coin, featuring an outrageous new visual! Jay even teaches you step-by-step exactly how to make this fascinating new coin gimmick in just a few minutes with tools you'll find in any tool box.

EXIT STRATEGY: A devastating, two-phase routine involving a borrowed ring and two unprepared drinking straws. Totally impromptu, and dead easy to perform. Any ring. Any 2 straws. Any time.

FISHBOWL: A freely selected and signed card MELTS through a plastic baggie, with the deck SEALED inside the baggie! No gimmicks, no suspicious moves, no bad angles. Combine it with your ACR, card to wallet or Jay's legendary 'Paperclipped' effect.

HEIST: A wonderfully organic transposition with a LETHAL kicker ending. Remove the metal tab from a can of soda. Slip the tab inside the can and have a helper hold tightly to the can. A moment later, cause the tab and a borrowed dime to switch places in a flash of fire.

SPIRAL: An off-the-hook effect with a borrowed dollar bill that ends with a truly SICK souvenir people just CAN'T get over.

EVIDENCE: An inspired combination of a torn + restored card CASE with a devious 'time travel' effect. During the detailed explanation, Jay blows the dust off a little know false cut + teaches you Herb Zarrow's renowned false shuffle.

ENTRANCED: Featuring an extremely clever, double-duty gimmick, 'Entranced' allows you to make almost any small object visually appear inside a box of Tic Tac mints - with the untorn, factory seal still in place. 

BABYLON BAND: Transform an ordinary rubber band into an amazing magic tool - capable of revealing playing cards, people's names, numbers, dates and more. Keep the band wrapped around your card case or wear it on your wrist, and be ready to astound people at a moment's notice!

THE MAIN ATTRACTION: A 'very heavy' torn and restored handling of a signed playing card. Completely impromptu. No gimmicks, duplicates or set-up of ANY kind. 

"I've started using Fish Bowl as a finale to my Ambitious Card. As they say -it packs flat and plays BIG!"-Todd Carol

"This project is amazing. The gimmicks are so powerful yet simple. My personal favorite is Babylon Band."-Ben McTavish

"Literally every trick on Hardcore is top notch."-Sam Daniels

"A sweet collection of 'high concept' effects, with typical real-work Sankey methods. Tremendous."-Gary Knox

"Very high quality with seriously in-depth explanations. Climber and Tic Tac are both going right into my repertoire."-Jay Terri-Vere

"Buy it right now. You will not be disappointed!"-Ike Houston

"With Main Attraction every action is motivated, and the ending is an absolute killer."-Kevin Chin

"My wife has seen it all, but when I performed Climber and the soda started to move up the straw she looked like she saw a ghost!"-John Hawes


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