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For the next few days only - we're including Jay's acclaimed 'Undeniable' effect as a FANTASTIC FREE GIFT ($25.00 value!) with all orders for his new 'Hemispheres' mentalism pack featuring:

*3-Hour Download
*20 Mind-Bending Effects
*Full-Length Companion DVD

PLUS 'Undeniable' as a killer FREE GIFT!

"OMG. Undeniable is so crazy!"-David Lee

It's a total $60.00 value - all for only $29.95!

To watch the mind-blowing 3-phase 'Undeniable' routine CLICK HERE.

"This is the very BEST collection of modern mentalism available on the market today."-Jay Kellogg

"You could easily put together an entire mentalism show with the astounding tricks on this legendary project."-Michael De Voors

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Featuring OVER 3 HOURS of outstanding 'magic of the mind,' HEMISPHERES is an ingenious collection of 20 startling psychic effects, many of which Jay is sharing for the very first time.

Includes 'experiments and demonstrations' with coins, wrist watches, playing cards, fortune cookies, photographs, magazines, notepads, paper money, Play-Doh, business cards, and even a plastic eyeball!

And most of these truly startling routines require VERY LITTLE sleight-of-hand ability.

Instead, the emphasis is on full presentations and nurturing a REAL connection with your audiences. Jay even includes an enormous amount of scripting right out of his own professional repertoire!

Jay also discusses the importance of making your mentalism as visual as possible, deflecting focus away from yourself, the relationship between simplicity and flexibility, the power of the implicit, and the performance of what Jay calls "meaningful mentalism."

Here are JUST A FEW of the 20 incredible routines:

TWO GUESSES: The spectator names ANY card - and the only two slips of paper inside an envelope reveal the name of the card every time!

NON-EXISTENT: The mentalist predicts the name of person nobody has ever met!

HYPERSENSITIVE: Learn the extraordinary secret to divining the dates of 3 coins from a glassful of BORROWED change!

THIRD EYE: Three randomly selected cards are "seen" with a plastic eye!

DOLLARS + SENSE: From several different receipts, an audience member chooses the receipt matching the exact amount of money held in their own hand!

HOW FORTUNATE: Predict the fortune of a Chinese fortune cookie chosen by a spectator. (And it really is a 100% free choice!)

BILLET DELIVERY SYSTEM: Jay kept this to himself for years. You can use it to reveal the name of a randomly thought of card and much more.

X'S AND OMG: Suggest a game of 'X's and O's' - but no matter where the spectator writes her X's you're able to foretell the outcome!

CONSTELLATION: With just two business cards (or slips of paper) and two markers, the mentalist reveals an inexplicable connection between himself and a member of the audience.

RECEPTION: The psychic successfully "sends" a mental image of a glass of wine to someone in the audience - right down to the exact level of the liquid!

"I amazed my friends with 'Third Eye' over a month ago and everybody is STILL talking about it."-Hal Brady

"Over 3 hours of super practical mentalism. What more could you want?"-Mike Davidson

"Pure freaking genius."-George Heinz

"Reception is the #1 most commercial trick I do. The image of a glass of wine makes it the perfect party trick."-Rod Tambor

"Jay even includes full presentations from his professional repertoire. Awesome."-Ross Telford

"Using a game of X's and O's to demonstrate psychic ability is a fantastic idea. Wonderfully theatrical."-Brian Sherrington

"I perform magic in bars every weekend, and 'Hypersensitive' never fails to make people scream."-Doug Reilly

"This stuff is so direct, dramatic and VISUAL."-Tyler Dagas

"Nobody explains stuff as well as Jay. It was so easy to learn all of these heart-stopping tricks. Lots of stand-up routines too!"-Oliver Lars

"This is the very BEST collection of modern mentalism available on the market today. Add to cart now."-Jay Kellogg

"You could easily put together an entire mentalism show with the astounding tricks on this legendary project."-Michael De Voors

"I perform Third Eye every chance I get."-Adir Glair


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