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"I do the change literally 4 inches from people's faces. It's like a bomb going off."-Gary West

Inspired by the timeless fascination of the great Harry Houdini!

Add this instantly engaging, and very DIFFERENT magic trick to your own magic arsenal!

*EASY to do!

*Both vintage photographs can be CLOSELY examined!

*An astounding transposition trick that happens in the SPECTATOR'S hand!

Comes complete with very detailed 20-minute tutorial video, and TWO SETS of the very special vintage photographs, meticulously designed to look EXACTLY  like they were cut from a real Houdini magazine article!

And the extremely dramatic, custom photographs are printed on a heavy, glossy stock paper to last for countless performances.

SPECIAL BONUS KICKER! Jay also shows you how you can easily create the illusion of removing a REAL STONE from 'inside the photo' of Houdini's grave! It's a completely unexpected 'kicker' - and inspires awesome reactions every time!

Order yours NOW.

"I do the change literally 4 inches from people's faces. It's like a bomb going off."-Gary West

"Thanks for including two sets of the special photos. I know I'm going to be wowing audiences with this sweet illusion for years to come."-Michael DeVoor

"The gimmicks make it sooooo easy. Fantastic."-Hans Browne  

"Houdini's Ghost always blows people away. And because everybody knows Houdini's incredible story they are immediately interested in the trick."-Danny O'Brien

"Houdini's Ghost is very strong. An unforgettable trick."-Stephen Anton

"No other trick I do is like Houdini's Ghost. It's so special and people love it."-Dean Preston

"The strong visuals and inspired structure make for a KILLER trick!"-Pete Tyler

"I perform Houdini's Ghost with a bit of a spooky presentation and it plays great every time."-Ian Knowles

"It's definitely the easiest trick I do, but it gets some of my favorite reactions. A truly incredible trick."-Greg Myers 


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