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"Kaleidoscope is evidence that Sankey is pushing his work further than ever before."-Joshua Jay

"Love it! Love it! Love it!!"-Daniel Garcia

'Kaleidoscope' is one of Jay's ALL-TIME best-selling collections of mind-blowing magic.

On the 3 HOUR project you'll learn the secrets to 22 astounding NEW tricks for all skill levels including:

WALKING WOUNDED: A two card transposition with a DRAMATIC difference - one of the cards is missing a piece!

NUMB: Stab a sugar packet with a pencil and then immediately RESTORE it!

SUPERCOOL: The selected card appears inside the card case - TRAPPED in a block of ice!

PIGGY BAG: A borrowed coin melts inside a clear plastic baggie, not once but TWICE!

SHAFT: Snap a plastic cocktail sword in half, and then restore it IN YOUR MOUTH!

SNATCHBOOK: One by one, paper matches vanish from a matchbook held in the spectator's own hand!

MARROW: A borrow dollar bill mysteriously appears inside a drinking straw!

LAST COIN TRICK: A coin vanishes under test conditions and with your sleeves up. (It's SUPER easy and it's one of Jay's personal favorites.)

PIECE DE RESISTANCE: The trick that put Jay's original 'torn corner principle' on the magic map!

THE GATHERING: The sugar from a sugar packet morphs into a solid CUBE.

ANOTHER DIMENSION: The IMAGE of a coin transforms into a real coin!

TRANSFIXED: Using 'invisible tape,' a card is torn and restored in an especially MAGICAL manner.

DARK DEEDS: A coin and key change places in the spectator's own hand!

'KALEIDOSCOPE' is a mind-boggling collection of ingenious sleight-of-hand stunners with pencils, cocktail swords, matchbooks, ice, borrowed bills, playing cards, sugar packets, keys, wooden matches, coins, sandwich bags, drinking straws and more!

PLUS alternative handlings, bonus tricks!

This is sleight-of-hand magic that LOOKS LIKE REAL MAGIC.

All accomplished with Jay's signature 'real world' practical methods you will really use!

"Kaleidoscope is jelly-packed with fresh, new, practical material that ROCKS!!! Love it! Love it! Love it!!"-Daniel Garcia

"Kaleidoscope is evidence that Sankey is pushing his work further than ever before. You'll see new plots, a wealth of non-card material, and several extremely clever card tricks. I watched the whole thing with delight."-Joshua Jay

“I love Sankey's 'REMAINDER FORCE!' It's an exciting principle with many diverse applications that apply both to close-up magic and parlor magic."-Wayne Houchin

"Jay at his best. Each trick is more visual than the next."-Viktor Palma

"I just can't get over how many truly original tricks are revealed on Kaleidoscope."-Jayson Doyle

"There's actually enough 'bonus material' for it's own separate magic project."-Rich Morrison

"His technique for stabbing and healing the sugar packet is wonderfully practical. I perform it A LOT."-Gary Henderson

"After I show the card frozen in the block of ice, I have no choice but to end my show. No way you can follow a trick that good."-Ram Ghiva

"I've performed a zillion tricks at school, but Piggy Bag got the best reaction so far. Excellent trick!"-Oliver White

"I really like showing tricks in the bar and Jay's snapped and restored cocktail sword effect makes for a killer opening trick."-Chuck Paris

"Jay absolutely blew my mind with his 'Last Coin' vanish. It looks like real magic. And the method is out of this world."-Elliott Karr



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