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The 'Sankey Experience' is the ULTIMATE project for all 'serious Sankey fans!'

This marathon 4-hour project is an exceptional learning opportunity featuring:

*30 incredible tricks!
*PLUS 20 rare live performance videos!
*Including tricks Jay is revealing FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.

Here are just SOME of the ingenious tricks you'll learn...

STATE OF THE UNION: After two signed cards rise to the top of the pack a few times - they magically FUSE together! Makes for an astounding souvenir.

ROLLING THUNDER: An especially commercial 'coins across' trick - using just two coins!

MOUNTEBANK ACES: The trick starts as a classic 3 card Monte routine - but finishes as an eye-popping four Ace production!

BOXING RING: Learn the secrets to making a selected card mysteriously appear rolled-up inside a finger ring!

EXTENDED CREDIT: After slowly bending a borrowed bank card inside an envelope, you suddenly SNAP IT IN HALF - and people hear the snap! But amazingly it remains unharmed!

TRANSIENT: An X drawn on a card, jumps onto the back of a borrowed coin. Then a moment later, it jumps back onto another card!

NO JACKET REQUIRED: One-by-one four coins vanish from your hands - and reappear in your four pants pockets!

HIT AND RUN: Now you can have a freely selected and SIGNED card appear inside a card case, without any of the usual palming or gimmicked cases. (You're going to love the very FRESH secret method!)

STIRRING SILVER: Learn the secrets to the COMPLETE handling of Jay's legendary ring and spoon routine - one of the very best 'borrowed objects' tricks he's ever created!

STAPLED SANDWICH: A freely selected and signed card impossibly melts into the middle of two STAPLED cards!

COLLECT ME NOT: An outrageous twist on Roy Walton's classic 'Collectors' card trick, featuring Jay's ground-breaking 'Revolution Count!'

PLUS 20 RARE PERFORMANCE VIDEOS! To make this a true 'must have' project, Jay's also included complete clips from his:

*stand-comedy shows
*television appearances
*live performances
*and his original one-panel cartoons

This exciting project is jam-packed with magic and bonus material that you'll want to watch over and over again.

"You could start a religion with 'Hit and Run.' It's just so freaking impossible!"-Jayson Dawes

"With 30 tricks, the 4-hour 'Sankey Experience' is one of the best deals in all of magic."-Linn Hoy

"Extended Credit is my #1 trick with a borrowed item. It just looks like real magic."-Marcus Tinley

"I honestly cannot believe how much fantastic material Jay shared on this project. There are just so many 'next level' tricks!"-Brian Kline

"I learned No Jacket Required, Transient and Stapled from the Sankey Experience and they're all outstanding!"-Warren Granger

"If you can only own one of Jay's collections, make it this one. You just can't beat it."-Paul Austin

"I performed Boxing Ring a bunch of times this week and every single time people lose their minds."-Randy Greene

"I've got a big library of magic downloads, tricks, dvds you name it. But The Sankey Experience takes the cake. So many killer tricks and the bonus videos are amazing to watch."-Kyle Andrews

"The 'Collect Me Not' card trick is typcial Sankey. You are so far ahead and at the end all jaws hit the table."-Rhys Doyle  

"The tricks are extremely good. But for me I absolutely loved watching Jay's archival videos and his evolution over more than 20 years in magic. Truly mind-blowing."-Vince Wannamaker

"The balance of card and coin tricks is remarkable. Five stars all the way."-Justin Chang


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