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You probably already carry a Sharpie marker - so it's time to start doing some KILLER MAGIC with it!

'Secret Weapon' features a fantastic collection of extraordinary tricks with a 100% ordinary Sharpie marker.

They're all EASY to do (because the super sneaky gimmicks do most of the 'heavy lifting.)

And after every trick - the marker can be immediately examined.

You're friends and family will be amazed when you....

*SQUASH the marker down to a 'mini marker'
*STRETCH the cap to 3-inches in length
*PUSH the marker through the cap
*CHANGE the color of the cap
*and even VANISH the marker (with your sleeves rolled up!)

All of these visually startling 'magic moments' are the perfect way to start your show - or end it with a BANG.

BONUS MIND-BLOWING TRICK WITH A BORROWED AND SIGNED BILL! With 'Secret Weapon' you'll even be able to make a borrowed and signed bill vanish - and then a moment later reappear inside the cap of the marker!

'FLIP STICK' TECHNIQUE! You'll also learn the real work on Flip Hallema's renowned 'Flip Stick' Technique! Jay performs this supremely magical, and completely impromptu vanish and reappearance all the time - and so will YOU.

'Secret Weapon' comes complete with a high-quality, official Sharpie brand marker, plus the very special gimmicks and detailed 30-minute tutorial.

Turn your magic marker into a 'secret weapon' today.


"Best trick with a borrowed dollar bill I've ever seen."-Saul Benton

"The marker vanish looks even better than Shin Lim's!"-Dan Wilson

"And I don't have to switch the marker? FANTASTIC."-Kerin Friars

"I honestly can't believe how many different tricks you can do with this gimmick."-Andrew Stanley

"No doubt about it. Secret Weapon is going to be my new 'go to' opening trick."-Tyler Leonis

"Great job Jay. Secret Weapon looks so damn good!"-Jacob Silvermann

"Watching the preview I kept thinking the marker had to be gimmicked in some way. But the fact that it can be examined by people in the audience means it's a real-world trick. It's just plain awesome."-Rich Henderson 


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