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"It's like a miracle you do TWICE."-Ryan Fellows

One of the classic rules of magic is, "Never repeat a trick." 

But with 'UNBROKEN,' you cause a bottle cap to impossibly MELT inside a bottle.

Then the cap visually melts OUT of the bottle!

And finally, people witness the cap melting BACK INSIDE!


Then you hand-out the bottle to be closely examined - with the cap STILL INSIDE THE BOTTLE!!!

Jay's innovative 'UNBROKEN' technique was one of the highlights of his recent lecture tour, and has fooled many experienced magicians.

It works with glass soda bottles, beer bottles, and even plastic water bottles.

All without magnets or difficult sleight-of-hand.

And there's NO SWITCH of the bottle!

Comes complete with a detailed tutorial video + the 'special something' that makes this extremely visual 'magic miracle' possible!


"Unbroken is some real James Bond sh*t!"-Brad Niles

"It's the ULTIMATE coin-in-bottle."
-Marc Lepoint

"Unbroken breaks people's minds. Four stars!"
-Richie Goins

"It's a totally new approach. I've amazed mortals AND magicians with Unbroken."-
Gunther Smythe

"I showed some friends 'Unbroken' and the reactions were crazy."-
Martin Walen

"Unbroken is the perfect opening effect. Big thumbs up."
-Sven Morga

"Trust me, you have no idea what the gimmick is. It's just that 'outside the box."
-Ethan Harper

"It's like a miracle you do TWICE."
-Ryan Fellows

"The fact that you can even give away the bottle at the end makes it a total dream trick."
-Ian Wireton

"With Unbroken you don't have to say a word. It's just one impossible event after another."
-Alex Reagan

"It's hands down the strongest opening trick I've ever performed."
-Lucio Fernandes


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