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"When the ropes all melt together, it brings down the house every time."-Bradley Hauss

With family shows, one of the big keys to success is performing tricks that hold the attention of the kids - while also AMAZING ADULTS.

And Jay's 'WANDERFUL' delivers both!

You introduce 3 different lengths of silky, black nylon cord with white tips. And you tell a story about three magicians, and how each of them is convinced THEIR magic wand is the best.

After having people pull, yank and twist all 3 cords...

You impossibly s-t-r-e-t-c-h the 3 different sized wands until they are the exact same length!

Then you VISUALLY FUSE all 3 cords into ONE creating the world's longest magic wand!

Without any magnets or clips! 

And you can immediately toss out the cord into the audience to be closely examined! 

It's a great story with an unforgettable ending and guaranteed BIG reactions.

Comes complete with detailed instructional video, and the special silky black, double-braided nylon cord.

And as an awesome FREE bonus Jay also includes a 30-minute 'How To Entertain Kids' crash course! You'll learn the secrets to:

*Dealing with Parents
*Managing High Energy Kids
*Scripting Magic for Younger Audiences
*Powerful Opening Tricks
*Inspiring Respect from Children
*and a lot more!

PLUS you'll learn an original collection of funny 'sight gags' you can use with the cords DURING YOUR ENTIRE SHOW.

NOTE: This new and improved 'WANDERFUL' includes a slightly thinner cord than when Jay originally released the trick - and it's even easier to handle! 


"What a fantastic twist on the classic Professor's Nightmare trick!"-Rich Elders

"Brilliant presentation. Takes it from 'just another rope trick' to a truly entertaining piece of magic."-Gerald Van Houte

"Perfect magic for audiences of all ages, and all sizes. Thanks so much."-Mike O'Brien

"The quality of the cord is excellent. It handles so much better than standard magician's rope."-Todd Oshe

"I'm getting marvelous response from kids AND adults with Wanderful."-Michael Clament

"When the ropes all melt together, it brings down the house every time."-Bradley Hauss

"Wanderful is my kind of magic. Fun, engaging and leaves audiences stunned."-Don Vince

"I would've happily paid $100 just for Jay's veteran performance advice on the generous tutorial. His clever twist on the Professor's Ropes is a total bonus."-Larry Geist

"I can't believe how much magic and comedy Jay does with the ropes. Hilarious."-Stephen Chin

"Along with his version of the classic 3 rope trick, I've also added many of Jay's inspired comedy bits to my show. Fantastic stuff!"-Neil D'Mico

"I'm certain all of Jay's tips on how to entertain children and keep their attention is going to save me YEARS of trial and error."-Ed Wiles

"Jay was 100% correct. Now that I'm applying his insights at birthdays and family shows, I'm having WAY more fun!"-Pete Knowles


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