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The first shipment of the special props for Jay's brand BRAND NEW mentalism effect 'Perfect Timing' completely SOLD-OUT in less than 24 hours!

But a SECOND shipment is expected to arrive MONDAY JULY 22.

So for the next few days only - you can pre-order 'Perfect Timing' at the introductory price of JUST $24.95!'ll receive TWO of Jay's super visual '5 Card Stun' gimmicks as an awesome $25.00 FREE GIFT!

To watch the eye-popping '5 Card Stun' preview CLICK HERE!

To pre-order 'Perfect Timing' at the special price including the FREE $25.00 GIFT click 'Add TO Cart' NOW!

*IMPORTANT: Only add ONE of the 2 featured products to your cart. Do NOT add both - or you will be charged the full price for both (and we don't want that, right?) Instead, only add ONE of the 2 featured products - and the other product will be automatically added to your order.


"Between the free choice, no switches and no sleights I'll be performing this A LOT."-Craig Winters

"A clock face is a beautifully dramatic prop and you can't beat the variety of the reveals. Excellent!"
-Ian Shuster

"I've been in magic for 20 years and I thought I knew every principle. But with 'Perfect Timing' I have NO CLUE."-Tim Godfrey

Jay's brand NEW 'Perfect Timing' prediction has arrived!

You're going to LOVE Jay's new 'Perfect Timing' effect because...

*The spectator really DOES have 100% free choice
*NO forces involved
*The new principle does ALL the 'secret work'
*There are NO sleights (so it's perfect for newer magicians)
*You never EVER miss!
*You can even immediately REPEAT the trick with a different time!

And there's NO SWITCH of the clock or the envelope!

There are also SO many ways to reveal your impossible prediction!

COME COMPLETE with a 'starter pack' of the custom-printed clock faces + you also receive the original PDF design so you can PRINT-OFF as many clocks (on cardstock or even paper) for years to come.

"If anybody else produced this preview I wouldn't believe it. But because it's Jay I know it's going to be something very special."-Pete Woods

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