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"This always gets screams. There's just no explanation."-Paul De Grange

"Wrap It Up' is the ultimate 'hands off' illusion."-Marty Daniels

Jay's 'WRAP IT UP' collection features an amazing variety of tricks with ordinary gum - and they all look like REAL MAGIC! 

Comes complete with very cool gimmicks, a few pieces of chewing gum to get you started + 30-minute tutorial video. 

And the gimmick is so flexible, you'll be able to use it with almost any piece of wrapped gum, candy, even chocolate!  

Here are just some of the visually shocking tricks and handlings you'll learn:

WRAP IT UP: Remove a piece of gum from your mouth, place it onto an empty wrapper, toss it into the air...and both the wrapper and the gum impossibly WRAP THEMSELVES UP!

SNAP PRODUCTION: It's as easy as snapping your fingers! Magic that needs no words!

MID AIR WRAP: This is the original, jaw-dropping "tossed in the air" handling!

TABLE DROP: A great way to prove that you can perform magic without having to actually hold onto the props!

IN THEIR HANDS: What's better than the magic happening in the spectator's own hands? Nothing - that's what!

APPEARING WRAPPER: Two "off the hook" effects in one. Not only does the gum morph back into its original unchewed condition, but the wrapper also appears FROM NOWHERE!

THUMB TIP HANDLING: An extremely clever and direct handling with a lot of benefits of its own!

JC'S HANDLING: Inspired by a switch created by J.C. Wagner, you can perform this handling in your underwear (depending upon the gig!)

THE SLYDINI WAY: Jay once asked himself the question, "How would the great Tony Slydini perform Wrap It Up?" This is the answer!

TRANSPOSITION SEQUENCE: The paper wrapper and block of gum star in a surreal series of magic moments, each more impossible than the last!

IMPOSSIBLE RESTORATION: The wrapper is torn and restored in the most visually impossible manner imaginable, complete with a SURPRISE REAPPEARANCE of the block of gum. Start your own religion today!

LOW-TECH HANDLING: Perfect for real-world workers, this down-and-dirty approach leaves you surprisingly 'clean!'

ORAL FIXATION: While chewing gum, you slowly tear the wrapper into pieces, ball them up and pop them into your mouth. A moment later the neatly wrapped block of gum appears from between your smiling lips. 

Order this extremely original and shocking trick TODAY!  

"I've shown my friends a bunch of card tricks, but when I did 'Wrap It Up' everybody totally lost their shizzle!"-Shane Macdonald

"Wrap It Up' is the ultimate 'hands off' illusion."-Marty Daniels

"Jay's collection of gum tricks was the FIRST on the market - and it's still the very best."-Chuck Guffaston

"I open my performances with 'Wrap It Up' all the time. Love it."-Frank West

"This incredible tricks happens while the gum is IN THE AIR. It's not even in the magician's hands. Epic!"-Giles Toll

"This always gets screams. There's just no explanation."-Paul De Grange

"I like a lot of the tricks, but the Slydini Handling is especially surprising."-Shaun Costello

"When I hand-out the piece of gum, people study it like it's from another planet. LOL!" -Yuri Selton

"One of Jay's best tricks ever."-Burt Thompson

"People are always shocked because nobody expects you to be able to blow their mind with just a piece of gum!"-Michael Forbes

"Forget about difficult sleight-of-hand. It doesn't get easier than 'Wrap It Up."-Kenton White

"I've personally performed almost every trick on this project for real people, and all the tricks rock. My highest recommendation."-Ian Garson



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